Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wantable Intimates

In happier and less serious chatter, I like subscription boxes. I don't get a ton, but they are a little something that I look forward to and greatly enjoy. One of my absolute favorite subscriptions is Wantable Intimates. Wantable offers three different subscriptions right now: intimates (undies, soft bras, loungewear, and socks mostly), makeup, and accessories (think jewelry, scarves, and sunglasses). Here's how it works: you fill out a rather in depth, but not annoyingly so, profile. This lets them customize exactly what you like. You mark things as love, like, or dislike. The cool thing is that you will never get items you mark as dislike. And my favorite part? Once you get your box, if you don't love it you can return it. It's possible to return portions, but I find that it's not worth it from a money stand point (unless you're absolutely in love with something). While it is one of my pricier subscriptions, the fact that I am likely to want to keep it but can return it if I don't like it makes it worth $36 to me.

So even though I gushed about how I love Wantable, you'd think this review would be about how much I love everything, right? Turns out I returned it. That's okay - it didn't take long after I mailed it back (you just print out the return label, tape it on, and send that box back to Wisconsin - no need to apologize or ask) and I had my refund in my bank account.

Here's what I got this month:
I should have taken individual photos, but I knew pretty quickly that i wasn't going to keep it - ah well, now I know for next time. I'll break it down though. This month (and you can switch it up from month to month!) I "loved" panties and camisoles, and "liked" soft bras.

Honeydew Intimates Scarlette hipster panty ($14): I loved this! I absolutely love Honeydew Intimates and own several items... including this panty (and in this EXACT color). I had no need for a second, but I took this as a sign that this is pretty customized and they at least have a decent idea of what I like. Anyway, this is a mixture of a very soft fabric, lace, and mesh. The back is slightly ruched and has the mesh at the back. It's comfy, cute, and a little sassy.

NikiBiki Camisole: While I liked the feel of this fabric because it was incredibly soft and stretchy, I wasn't in love. I do like pink, but it's a bit bright for me. It would be okay for lounging around the house but it's still a touch too loud for me. It also would have been the only thing I kept and as its value was around $20, it made it difficult to return the box (and I would never have paid $20-some for this, sorry!)

St Eve Tunic Cami ($15): this grey cami was just average. I happen to have a nearly identical camisole from Old Navy, but my cami is slightly softer than the St Eve one. I also noted a few strings hanging on this so no desire to keep it.

Nude Bikini ($??): I should have paid better attention, and Wantable's website no longer has the information for me (I feel like the brand was something like Creme Bralee?). I dislike bikini style panties and yet this one showed up. If it had been any color other than nude, I really may have kept it. The fabric was soft. I showed it to the mister and he was very indifferent. Return.

Am I bummed that I didn't really get to keep anything? Well, yeah. However, that's what's nice about this subscription - you can return it. Last month's Glossy Box was overall a dud for me (for example), but I'm stuck with it. Sure, I'll swap a lot of it away but I pay for stuff I won't use. I could also order another box for this month if I wanted.

If you want to join Wantable, here is my link: Wantable. Full disclosure, if you sign up, I do get $10 in credits.

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