Friday, March 21, 2014

It's not all about me

It's true - it's not about me. While this is my blog and about my life, I would get bored always talking about myself. Right now though, my heart is with friends of mine. This past summer, my friends K and E were vacationing with their three children, and their middle daughter fell ill. She was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Now, these are two of the best people I've ever been blessed enough to know. While I do not think anyone deserves cancer, hearing that they are dealing with this broke my heart.

They have been back in town, and things seemed okay. Their oldest daughter shaved her head for St Baldrick's Foundation, and I had meant to go be there (but had a stomach bug). I know at her age, I would have most likely never shaved my head. What a brave move!

Then last night, scrolling through Facebook while my partner and his brother played Wii, I learned that my friends' daughter is not doing well. Thursday she had an MRI and they found a mass that is growing incredibly fast. I can't begin to imagine her family's pain. If you happen to be reading this, please keep this family in your thoughts. If (and a huge if) they are able to operate on this little girl's tumor, it will involve cutting out some of her brain. If they are not able to operate, she will likely live a few weeks, maybe a month or two. This family has been so strong and so brave.

I have no more words.

Finally Spring!

I realize that it could very well snow next week, but for now I'm just happy that it's finally Spring! The sun was out for most of today and while it's still brisk out, I loved being able to walk to the mail box with just a sweater on (no coat or snow boots)!