Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wantable Accessories - June 2014

Sometimes some new jewelry just makes me feel better about myself. I don't have a ton of jewelry, and other than my wedding and engagement bands, I don't tend to wear jewelry every day (heck, I wear my wedding band every day but half of the time do not wear my engagement ring). However, I have a lot of friends who know how to accessorize and I want a bit of that! Wantable had a $10 off deal running on Facebook (I can't find it anymore) so I decided that I would give their Accessories box a shot. You get 3-5 accessories a month for $36 (or a one time box is $40). I've looked at blogger reviews and seen some great boxes, as well as a few that are just not at all my style. However, their questionnaire is pretty extensive so I figured I ran a good shot of getting at least one or two things that fit my style.

So, my profile says that I love bracelets and silver tone jewelry, and like classic style, rock 'n roll (I thought maybe an edgy piece would be fun), mix 'n match, necklaces, rings, hair accessories, and multi-tone. I didn't want to be too picky, but after receiving this box, I realize I should have been (and have gone in and updated my profile to match what I only want).

I like that the boxes always include a nice little message, and on the back is a quote. Some of my old ones from my Intimates boxes I've kept and used as book marks. I also appreciate that the box seemed carefully packaged. While there was nothing delicate, I do like that the items weren't just tossed into the box.

I received two headbands, the first of which is black and white striped. While I admit I have seen some people look awfully cute with this style of headband (the fabric wrapped around wire) I'm just not sure that I can pull it off. I have played with my friend's Cult Gaia headband and while it retails for more, it also feels like a much better quality than the two I received in this box. I also expected maybe one hair accessory not two, but that's okay. This feels kind of cheap, and I would definitely not pay $11 for it. Regardless, this is the "Addy Headband", and if I kept either of the headbands this would be the one - I have plenty of black in my closet and think this would go with many things I own.

The second headband is the "Bri Headband" and is not my style. While I think the pattern is cute, the colors do not work well with my hair color and I don't have a ton in my closet that would easily go with this. As with the "Addy Headband" I can't imagine paying $11.

Next is a bracelet - yay! I was hoping for a bracelet, and if I kept anything from this box, the "Amira Bracelet" would be it! I like that it's adjustable in size (some of my meds - I'm looking at you Prednisone! - make me swell a little). Also, while I was hoping for silver tone, I kind of like this mixture. I only have two pieces of jewelry that aren't silver, and my favorite is a gold necklace that was my grandmother's (my wedding band is white gold and engagement ring is platinum). This is a really fun bracelet and I could see myself wearing this to work or out with friends. It's not bulky, and I like that it has an interesting mixture. It also feels well made, so I doubt it would fall apart after a few wears. My sheet says that it retails for $21.

Lastly was a set of two necklaces. While I like that you could wear the "Kristen Necklace" together or separate it is NOT at all my style. Please file this under Holly things she is much edgier than she really is. Why did I select Rock 'n Roll? I have no idea. I thought maybe I'd get a bracelet with a few studs or something. I can't see myself wearing this necklace at all, and it's way too much gold for me. I went into my profile and took down Rock 'n Roll and multi tone - only silver tone for me now. This necklace retails for $29.

Why do I love Wantable? Even though this box was largely a miss for me, I'm not stuck with it. I just printed out a return label, taped up the box, and sent it back. When they get it, they'll credit the money back to me. To be fair, while this box did not fit my style, I still think there is a chance I can get some cool pieces, so I did order another box before returning this one. I still have hope!

If you're interested in trying Wantable, I highly suggest liking them on Facebook to get notice when they offer deals (around Mother's Day they did $1 boxes for new customers - I missed out on that, but several friends got the offer and had some great things! Had this been a $1 box, I would have been over the moon (and then swapped some items, for sure). However, if you can't wait, I'd like it if you signed up using my referral link

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